Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your guy all the stuff you love about him…and, of course, the teensy-tiny things you’d rather he did differently. Put it gently by giving him one of these sneaky gifts, which happen to act in your best interest.

So you want him to...

You may never convert him to Don Draper suits or get him to toss those hideous dad jeans. But at least you can improve his everyday look with a subscription to Tie Society ($20 per month), i.e., the Netflix of neckwear.

Spend too many mornings frantically searching for his wallet/watch/keys/phone? The sleek yet masculine Umbra Cubby ($105) subtly encourages him to stash his possessions in one place. If all else fails, just buy him a BiKN.

You?ll trick him into good health yet with the help of the MotoACTV GPS tracker ($220). This handy gadget measures his running, cycling and golf stats while playing his favorite MP3s. Bet him $5 he can?t break his mile time and behold as he attempts to prove you wrong.

It is not 1956, and you are not June Cleaver. Tell him to make his Manhattan himself. Or better yet, buy him one that pours directly out of a bottle ($49). Ladies, you are welcome.

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