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From your CVS card to your son’s SSN (um, let’s stop carrying that around, shall we?), your wallet is chockablock with cards. But get this: Many of the ones you overlook can actually earn you discounts on daily purchases (here’s lookin’ at you, health insurance). So before you hit the mall or plan your next trip, take a peek at our list.


Student or Teacher ID

Props to you if you’ve already figured this one out. Having this card in your arsenal can garner you some pretty decent savings at your favorite retail stores. Think J.Crew, Madewell, Loft, Gap and many, many more (all 15 percent). Just mention the discount at checkout and flash your valid (wink, wink) ID.


AAA Card

The crème de la crème of all discount cards. Seriously, this baby gets you a deal on almost anything. Traveling? Get discounts on hotels and Amtrak tickets. Seeking entertainment? Slash a few bucks off those Six Flags passes. Spilled water on your computer? You can even save on Geek Squad services. Just head to to see a list of your local deals.


Subway Pass

We just discovered this one, but investing in public transportation has more benefits than simply preventing global warming. For example, Boston?s CharlieCard gets you discounts on everything from the aquarium to your next (free) yoga class. To find out if your city provides a similar perk, visit your mass-transit website.


Military ID

This is a no-brainer for folks in the service, but just to cover our bases, this ID can get you some major discounts. We’re talking cars, clothing and even college. It’s all there. And you should take advantage.


Health Insurance Card

Turns out, some health-insurance providers offer discounts on healthy-living purchases. The list ranges from vitamins and gym memberships to things like teeth whitening and LASIK eye surgery. Contact your insurance provider for a full list of benefits, or visit their website, where most are listed. Thanks for the new running sneakers, UnitedHealthCare!


Driver's License

Here’s a surprising one: Your hometown state may save you some cash. For example, flash an ID from any Southern state at the barbecue joint Brother Jimmy’s and you’ll get 25 percent off your meal. You can take the girl outta Georgia...

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