We love unique products crafted here in southern California. This month, we’ve discovered local innovations that liven up everything from our afternoon coffee break to our living room.

White jeans that don’t make our rear look big are for sale at this pop-up shop decorated like a hyper-cool beach house. [Read more]

The first cup is free at the new W. Third Street boutique selling at-home fixings for matcha, the imported green-tea powder with a gentle buzz. [Read more]

Our reward for spring cleaning is a new pillow made with beachy yet sophisticated fabrics from this stylish Santa Monica resident. [Read more]

A new secret weapon for battling the stresses of modern life: These handcrafted naturopathic remedies keep us calm and refreshed. [Read more]


Beauty oils are a new craze in personal care products; we love the way this facial oil, made with berries, sinks in with a tingly feel. [Read more]

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