Our sunny skies had a bit of gloom this month, so we went looking for poppy colors and bright innovations to cheer us up. It’s the little things that chase away the winter doldrums--brilliant tabletop linens, a rainbow of silk shirts, a sunny sidewalk meal and more.

An art gallerist and blogger’s blue, pink and green embroidered linen place mats, table runners and napkins make every meal an event. [Read more]

This new Melrose boutique brings all the colors of our favorite French-by-way-of-SoCal shirts under one roof. [Read more]

A sunny sidewalk is the new talked-about brunch spot, thanks to meals tarted up by an artisanal jam maker. [Read more]

A brightly lit new gym has us getting much-needed endorphins via the latest cult fitness craze, CrossFit. [Read more]

Delightfully garish and undeniably hunky, the cowboy paintings at Gagosian Gallery show how the West is fun. [Read more]

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