There's nothing like the sight of budding trees and green grass to make us feel like life is full of possibilities. This month, we broadened our horizons right here in sweet home Chicago by taking classes, nurturing creative instincts and breaking routines. 

Instagram made you a photography genius--now print your stunning shots and hang them above your mantel. [Read more]

Shake up your morning habit with the deliciously light Geisha roast at the new Intelligentsia in Logan Square. [Read more]

Shop from your phone and discover under-the-radar designers with the Chicago-based Purely Fashion app. [Read more]

Learn to make sausage, tango, or how to land a new job with Dabble (or teach a class and share your own skills). [Read more]

Prepare a list of probing questions and sit down to interview a loved one in the new Chicago StoryCorps booth. [Read more]

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