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With the holiday season fast approaching, the time is nigh to curl up in a quiet corner with an engrossing new read. (Comfy afghan and Earl Grey tea strongly recommended.)

Luckily, the folks at Kensington Books have your winter reading list covered. From a heartwarming tearjerker to a hilarious parody, here are four novels you need on your radar right this second.


"A Bollywood Affair"

Sure, we’ve all read books that go for the Hollywood ending... but how about the Bollywood one? In Sonali Dev’s stunning debut, an unlikely duo comes together after an arranged marriage goes horribly wrong. Expect complex characters, gripping romance and even a big, fat Indian wedding.


"A Second Bite at the Apple"

The sustainable and organic food scene serves as the backdrop in Dana Bate’s smart, funny and emotionally astute novel about a food journalist who stumbles upon the story of a lifetime. But will she sacrifice her principles to report it?


"As Close As Sisters"

Break out the tissues. In her poignant new novel, Colleen Faulkner explores the unbreakable bonds between four best friends who come together when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. On the shores of Albany Beach, tears are shed, laughter is contagious and life-changing memories are forged.



Yes, the world of competitive gardening has a seedy underbelly, and yes, that’s the subject of this hilarious new novel from veteran newspaper reporter Norman Draper. Think The Burbs meets Garrison Keillor.

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