30 Days of Wow

Home Upgrades

You’re all “Out with the old, in with the new!” But your wallet is all “Uh, no thanks.” In lieu of a complete renovation, we’re looking to these 30 updates to provide a fresh perspective.

Kitchen Upgrades

1. Abstract Trivet

Stop hiding the cooling rack in the cupboard. Place this trivet right next to your stove for utility as well as maximum compliments.

2. Olive-Oil Canisters

It’s a watering can? It’s a teapot? Nope. It’s an olive-oil dispenser. Store and pour without the greasy drips using this stunning stainless-steel one-liter can.

3. All-Purpose Pegboard

DIY tip: Behold the power of the pegboard. No longer confined to the work shed, a pegboard (painted or left natural) is a genius way to store pots and pans when you’re short on space.

4. Punchy Chargers

For the keep-­it-­easy hostess, these bamboo place mats have your back. No laundering or pressing necessary. They’re also perfect for alfresco dining.

5. Salad Servers

All-natural and handmade in Kenya, these batik serving spoons were built for sunlit outdoor dinners. But don’t be surprised when you continue to use them year-round.

6. Can Crusher

OK, so it’s not really a necessity, but it sure makes recycling a lot more fun. Hint: It also makes a great hostess gift for the eco-inclined.

Flashy Fridge (Sponsored)

You’ve never seen a refrigerator like this one. With it’s super cool (literally) CustomChill™ drawer, LG Door-in-Door™ feature and 30 cubic feet of space, this guy is the crème de la crème of fridges.

Indoor Grill (Sponsored)

It’s an oven. It’s a range. It’s an indoor grill. No more need to postpone burger night because of bad weather. LG’s new infrared grill system allows you to keep that juicy flavor, while still cooking those baked potatoes just right.

Living Room Upgrades

7. Miniature Sofa

Have a spot that’s too big for a chair and too small for a sofa? Look to a sofette. This tailored piece with charcoal stripes and a small Greek-key pattern plays well in a living room but also works at a dining table for an extra-cozy feel.

8. Shelf Life

Replace your floating shelves with something a bit more unexpected. We can’t wait to get our hands on this circular unit and fill it with all of our favorite tchotchkes.

9. Peg Legs

Still living with an Ikea sofa? (No judgment!) Give it an instant upgrade with gorgeous new legs that can be swapped on to any piece.

10. Affordable Artwork

If that $9,000 gallery piece isn’t in your budget this year, take our advice and find four inexpensive prints (these come from graphic designer Sarah Tolzmann). Frame each one, arrange them in a square and voilà--as big as a full-size painting but much easier on the wallet.

11. Foldable Seating

A genius idea for entertaining: Keep a few chic foldable stools handy. They look like part of your decor, but they can be tucked into the coat closet when the last guest finally leaves.

12. Showroom-Worthy Pillows

You probably know this already, but the easiest way to update a room? Throw pillows. We can hear you swooning over this gold pattern.

13. Neutral Throw

This hand-stitched throw is made from silk and cotton. In other words, it’s the perfect weight for summer nights.

14. Mirror Trick

The best way to make a small space look larger? Place two mirrors on opposite sides of the room. It really works, people.

Bedroom Upgrades

15. Eye-Catching Headboard

New mattress. New box spring. It adds up fast. A better way to change up your bed: a new headboard. Whether you splurge on an upscale velvet-upholstered style or go more frugal and minimal, it will make a world of difference.

16. Minimal Sconces

Another way to add unexpected interest to your bedroom is to replace your floor or table lamps with wall–mounted sconces. You can even leave the cord dangling for an industrial chic appeal.

17. Shibori Sheets

Freshen up your sleeping space by embracing pattern. We love the newest shibori trend as an alternative to played-out ikat or chevron.

18. Floating Vase

A vase is a vase is a vase. Until you meet this vase. It just might motivate you to keep flowers in the house more than once a month.

19. Going Topless

Here’s a trick: For easy bed making (seriously, it’ll take you three minutes), lose the top sheet. Instead, sleep beneath a duvet with a removable cover that you wash weekly.

20. Upscale Candle

This rose-and-cinnamon-scented candle gives your “Vanilla Mist” a run for its money.

21. Nesting Trays

Have a tendency to leave knickknacks all over your dresser? Simply toss them into these puzzle trays for the easiest (and cutest) de-cluttering trick.

22. Fetching Rug

Last but certainly not least, spiff up the ground you walk on with a shimmering rug. This one is laced with metallic thread to offer a hint of glamour to your humble abode.

Backyard Upgrades

23. Stand-Alone Umbrella

How to get the most bang for your buck with an outdoor umbrella? Get one with a sturdy base that’s also easily transportable. Oh, and did we mention it has twinkle lights?

24. Multipurpose Rug

Give your indoor rugs a change of scenery by bringing them outdoors. This creates a homey environment and might even encourage you to move your reading nook into the sunshine.

25. Unconventional Hammock

If summer relaxation had an icon, it would be the hammock. We love the soft woven yarn of this color-blocked one from Kate Spade Saturday. Add a book and a glass of lemonade and you’ve got yourself a vacation in your own backyard.

26. Seating Arrangements

Those flimsy plastic deck chairs have got to go. In their place: a pair of bright-red armchairs reminiscent of those at Parisian cafés.

27. Guest-Approved Cushions

Now that you have better chairs, you’ll need some inviting cushions. Guests will gravitate toward the graphic pattern on these guys--and you’ll be satisfied knowing they’re water-, UV- and mildew-resistant.

28. Ice Bucket

Sure, an Igloo cooler will keep your drinks cold, but is it chic? This stylish bucket has the workhorse features of old Iggy, but its sleek design makes it perfect for serving everything from soda to Champagne (or even your famous Cheesy Chex Mix).

29. Pop-Up Fire Pit

Stop resorting to microwave s’mores. There’s now this thing called a portable fireplace. This little guy can fit easily on a table (indoors or out) for ideal after-dinner roasting sessions.

30. Glowing Planters

DIY tip: Coat your basic terra-cotta planters with glow-in-the-dark spray paint (be sure to get paint with a white finish to avoid the green glow). Wait till nightfall and behold your instant mood lighting.