30 Days of Wow

Our Favorite Apps

With more than a million apps available, finding a favorite is near impossible. So we did the sensible thing and asked our expert friends. From an Instagram for recipes to the savviest shopping apps, here are 30 of the best.

30 experts and their 30 favorite apps

The Best Shopping Apps

Carlee Komer

Designer, Nautica

1. Poshmark

“My apartment is tiny, so I use the Poshmark app to sell my unwanted clothes after I closet-cleanse, but it’s also great for finding designer stuff at a fraction of the price.”

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Jayne Chase

President, Jayne Chase Interiors

2. Houzz

“When I am trying to convince a client to use a certain color or fabric, I can always find a photograph or story on Houzz to support my inspiration.”

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Stephanie March

Actress; cofounder, Rouge NY

3. Beautified

“Beautified allows you to see what services (blowouts, manicures, facials, haircuts, etc.) are offered within a two- to three-mile radius of where you are standing. The salons are vetted, and the prices are good. It’s the best answer to ‘Where can I get a pedicure right around here, right now?’”

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Nicole Farb

CEO and cofounder, Darby Smart

4. Luvocracy

“Luvocracy feels like a personal stylist from Barneys made a Pinterest board just for me. I love the curated collections (especially those from Christine Martinez and Erin Hiemstra) and that everything I click is buyable!”

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5. Hukkster

We bowed down to the discount-shopping gods when Hukkster first arrived on the scene. (Who doesn’t want to see when their most-coveted items go on sale?) Now, their new app lets us take the same technology with us while window-shopping.

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The Best Productivity Apps

Sarah Reid

Cofounder, Frieda & Nellie

1. Notability

“I can’t imagine being in a meeting now without Notability. It allows you to take notes on any PDF, add photos and even draw, and then sync it with Dropbox.”

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Grace Atwood

Director of social media, BaubleBar

2. TeuxDeux

“Pronounced ‘to-do.’ It’s simple and minimalist, just the way I like it. I love that I can cross things off and add to my list from both my phone and desktop.”

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Kiyo Taga

Director of digital communications, Cartier

3. Genius Scan

“Genius Scan lets you scan documents by taking a photo of anything you want to convert into a JPEG or PDF. I use it all the time for scanning taxi receipts and travel expenses on the spot so I can toss the physical receipts.”

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Frances Bailey

Editor and creative consultant

4. WunWun

“WunWun was recommended to me by a productivity expert, and it has become my go-to for when I need an extra set of hands. They take those small but time-sucking tasks (say, trips to the hardware store) and do them for you.”

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5. 30/30

This colorful app kicks distraction to the curb by setting aside strict chunks of time for individual tasks, e.g., a 30-minute sprint through morning emails. Just set the alarm, put aside your phone and get to work. You’ll soon learn the world will not fall out of orbit if you avoid Instagram for a bit.

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The Best Food Apps

Beverly Kim

Chef and owner, the upcoming Parachute (Chicago)

1. Instagram

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Some of the best ways to see what a chef is up to is through Instagram.” (At PureWow, we love @alifewortheating and @purewow, of course.)

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Sonia Kapadia

Founder,Taste Savant

2. Avocado

“Everyone in my family requires something different from the grocery store. With Avocado, my husband and I can share lists so that whoever heads to the store knows to pick up bananas, gluten-free crackers--and a case of beer!”

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Katy Leese

Cofounder, V2 Wine Group

3. Hello Vino

“Hello Vino makes choosing wine so easy--it’s like having a sommelier at your fingertips. It tells you how to pronounce the wine, and the review function gives you immediate input on the bottle you’ve chosen.”

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Lauren Zalaznick

Founder of LZ Sunday Paper

4. Recifoto

“Recifoto is the lovechild of Instagram and your grandmother’s recipe box. Users share images of handwritten recipes. It recalls a time when index cards and ripped-up magazines were everyone’s ‘search engine.’”

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5. New Italian Pantry

From one of New York City’s best Italian chefs comes the ultimate insider’s guide to what to keep around the kitchen so you can churn out a savory Italian meal on any given night (the porchetta is beyond). Step-by-step photos help the novice cook.

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The Best Health Apps

Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai

Cofounders, Doonya

1. FitFusion

“FitFusion is sort of like Netflix in that it’s an all-you-can-stream service, but instead of House of Cards, we’re watching exercise videos from Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks and many others. (It’s pretty cool ’cause we’re on it too!)”

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Jennifer Esposito

Award-winning actress, author and baker

2. Why Our Health Matters

“I’m such a firm believer in Dr. Weil and love listening to his audiobook, Why Our Health Matters, on his app. It’s perfect for my morning commute, and it offers such great insight into the human body and mind.”

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Rachel Malsin

Cofounder, Project Juice

3. BurnThis

“BurnThis allows me to stay connected to my friends through fitness. I can see where everyone is working out and what classes and instructors they are hitting up, and then book those classes directly through the app.”

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Jill Dailey

Founder and creator, The Dailey Method

4. Headspace

“Headspace helps you get into the habit of sitting for meditation. Taking time to get quiet each day is an important part of overall fitness, and with this app I can make it a priority.”

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5. Daily Water

Like that holier-than-thou friend you hate (and love), Daily Water is your constant encouragement to put down the soda and pick up the H2O (it sets incremental reminders for you to drink another eight ounces).

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The Best Entertainment Apps

Stacy Herzog Berk

Cofounder, Frieda & Nellie

1. Waterlogue

“For your inner artist. This amazing app allows you to turn your photos into watercolor paintings. My cousin introduced me to this, and I have not stopped using it. Really gloriously rewarding! Beware, once you download the app, you will be addicted.”

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Helaine Knapp

Founder, CityRow

2. Snood

“Snood is my constant go-to game. (I went deep on Candy Crush, then overdosed on the infamous level 92.) It takes me back to my parents’ house in high school, fighting my brother for the computer so I could chat on AIM and play Snood. #thatwasthelife.”

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Samantha Hunt

Author, The Seas and The Invention of Everything Else

3. Tesla Toy

“Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current and radio, plus the hero of my last novel, is the inspiration behind this app. With graphics made to resemble the arcing electricity of a Tesla coil, the user can make gorgeous light designs. Electrical charges swarm to your touch. It’s both beautiful and engrossing.”

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Rachel Shahvar

Digital marketing director, 7x7 magazine

4. This American Life

“I love the This American Life app. It gives me access to every TAL story ever recorded. The 45-ish-minute episodes make for the ideal running companion, taking me on emotional, hilarious and insightful journeys as I pound the pavement of San Francisco.”

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5. Proust

If you’re a sucker for list-making, superlatives and healthy debate with friends (all in the name of fun, of course), then check out Proust. The app is like “Marry, Date or Dump” and “Apples to Apples” rolled into one supremely addictive (and slightly more mature) package.

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