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1. Jewelry Case ($85) 2. Dress ($295) 3. Scarf ($88) 4. Travel Brush ($7) 5. Tinted Moisturizer ($43) 6. Flats ($143) 7. Suitcase ($395) 8. Heels ($295)

Tricks from Our Editors

“To save room in your suitcase, plan to swap books with your traveling partner when you’re both finished, assuming you read at roughly the same pace. Or pack a cheap paperback you won’t mind leaving behind in the hotel room.”

--Jillian Quint, managing editor

Hyatt Has It

Struggling to make the 3.4-ounce TSA rule work for you (and your hair)? Thankfully, Hyatt has amped up its offerings to include new lotions and potions sourced and blessed by skin- and hair-care experts. Also, their new Hyatt Has It program offers commonly forgotten items, like hair spray and makeup remover pads. So go ahead and “forget” your products at home.