6 New Ways To Workout

  • In Good Company

    If you’ve ever suffered through one of those company-mandated programs meant to improve your people skills, we get why the words “team-building exercise”...

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  • Pool Runnings

    Since most spin classes make us look as if we've just stepped out of a pool, we couldn’t resist one that involves just that. At AQUA, the bikes are in water....

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  • Paddle Pushers

    Here it comes, that time of year when you’ll die of boredom if you don’t start mixing up your indoor fitness routine. Time to take a dip. Sign up for a...

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  • Tiny Dancer

    There’s nothing particularly new about barre workouts. They’ve been plié-ing their way through this city for the past few years. But a different type of class...

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  • Let's Move

    You know those trendy workout classes you keep hearing about? Spinning in a pool, Bollywood dancing, aerial yoga... Explore them all with the Classtivity Passport--a new...

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  • Spin Cycle

    Ex-L.A. fitness guru John Terlingo once had the responsibility of whipping folks like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman into shape. So we’re inclined to trust him with...

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