We love our gigantic totes. We can schlep all our backlogged New Yorkers (you’ve read this article, right?), an extra pair of flats and even those 15 lipsticks we haven’t worn in years (why we can’t just throw them away is beyond us).

But the dirty looks we keep getting when we accidently slam into Wall Street machos on the subway are starting to make us reconsider. That and the nagging pain in our shoulder. It’s time for a change. Bag ladies, behold the everyday clutch.

It seems drastic at first--Wait, I have to leave my bottle of dry shampoo at home?! But trust us, once you make the purge, it’s kind of refreshing.

We tested out the oversized clutch for a week, carrying it to and from work and toting one around on the weekends. Honestly, it made life so much simpler. Post-work drinks were a lot less clunky and the same goes for that spontaneous biking jaunt. (Word to the wise: A clutch is a CitiBiker's best friend.)

A touch whimsical and plenty chic, our favorite everyday versions are worth a look.