Prefab Homes
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You may not be ready to move into a 100-square-foot trailer, but in this day and age, it’s not unheard of to seek out beautiful housing solutions that save space, energy, materials and, well, money.

In other words: prefab or modular abodes.

Whether you’re actually in the market or just buy-curious, here are a few things worth knowing about the suddenly popular dwelling trend that’s attracting some major architects and designers.

The basics Prefab homes are constructed from factory-built (prefabricated) panels that are made in accordance with U.S. building codes. That is to say it’s all on the straight and narrow.

The money Cheap. Entire prefab houses can be built for as little as $200,000 since you’re cutting down on both crew and material costs. That said, you’ll incur other expenses for stuff like installing utilities and a septic system.

The build time Fast. Prefabs can go up in a matter of days.

The durability Impressive. Because they adhere to the same regulations as traditional homes, prefabs have to be durable. Some people think they’re even stronger than “stick builts,” since they’re manufactured in a facility rather than on-site.

The aesthetic Gorgeous! Think on-trend looks, like sleek gas fireplaces and recycled-glass countertops. Check out this slideshow to see just how drool-worthy they can be.