The New Sputnik
Brendan Ravenhill's Cord chandelier

The Sputnik chandelier (also known as the satellite) has come a long way since its mid-20th-century beginnings. But while hypermodern versions may seem all the rage (think high-end designers like Jonathan Adler right down to Ikea), we’re still pretty in love with the original organic design.

Here’s a look at the iconic Sputnik in its most authentic iteration and how to get it at any price point.

High Lindsey Adelman’s creations instantly send a room’s style skyrocketing; her abstract BB.03.01 (from $6,600) is gorgeous in either clear or aqua handblown glass globes. She even offers a DIY option for the extremely gifted and crafty. The simple, clean lines of Brendan Ravenhill’s Cord chandelier ($2,000) extend like a North Star overhead. For more intricate designs, Jason Miller’s Modo chandelier has a spoke-and-hub system that allows it to be purchased in various formations, like our favorite: the 3-sided, 10 globes ($3,900).

Low To get the cosmic fixture at a more accessible price, the handmade raw-steel, brass and frosted-bulb chandelier ($619) from Nashville, Tennesse’s SouthernLightsTN Etsy shop is a beautiful option. Two other, smaller versions--with out-of-this-world savings--are Schoolhouse Electric & Supply’s Satellite 3 ($249) and CB2’s highly affordable Satellite pendant lamp ($70).