How to Dress Your Dog
This adorable pup models the Parker plaid jacket from Billy Wolf.

He’s the life of the party. He’ll try any food. There’s not a haircut that doesn’t flatter him. Admit it: Your dog is cooler than you are.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best apparel for hipster pooches of every breed.

The Urban Sophisticate For the dog who loves city strolls, fair-trade cheese and Swedish indie pop (What? She totally bobs her head), we suggest Billy Wolf’s jackets ($48 to $72), bandanas ($25) and Brooklyn-made collars ($58). Air of knowing disdain not included.

The Bad-Boy Rocker Keeps weird hours? Check. Destroys pillowcases? Check. Defiles carpets? Double check. Keep your rebel looking good in an American Apparel fleece hoodie ($18).

The Outdoorsy Type Nothing gets this guy going like an early-morning hike and a quick romp through the compost pile. Polartec vests and turtlenecks ($35 each) from Babies & Beasts are a good solution--until Patagonia debuts its canine collection.

The Homebody Crafter She loves the couch and relishes rainy days, and you’re pretty sure she’d can her own dog food if she could. This nester deserves a quirky hand-knitted sweater ($35) from Etsy shop Mailo.

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