Denim Skirts
Denim skirt, say hello to the year 2014.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the '90s are back (with a vengeance). Exhibit A: the return of Birkenstocks, plaid shirts tied at the waist and--wait for it--knee-length denim skirts.

While we won’t knock you for having qualms about those Birks or grungy button-downs (cue “Californication”), choosing to ignore the resurgence of the perfectly perfect denim pencil skirt is surely a miss.

Here’s why it’s so great (and wearable, like, now):

It’s not a miniskirt If you’re having frightening flashbacks to barely-there Abercrombie & Fitch versions, relax. Today’s denim skirt has dropped its hemline to a respectable, ladylike length (it hits right at the knee) and is begging for your forgiveness.

It’s time-tested, LSD-approved The style has already made its mark, so you can rest assured it won’t fail you now. Besides, if sophisticate Lauren Santo Domingo is on board, you probably should be too.

It’s all how you style it Canadian tuxedo? Check. T-shirt and slip-ons? Check. Button-down and heels? Check. You can’t go wrong. For further proof, head to the slideshow to see all of our styling tips to take you from summer Fridays to fall foliage.