The holiday season looms, and we’re sure to need a place to overnight the odd relative or party guest who “doesn’t want the fun to end.” 

Luckily, we’ve got a spare bedroom stashed in our linen closet. 

It’s a fancy portable bed from Hedgehouse, a new home item that defies easy description. Is it a mattress? Sort of--it’s filled with down and is about the length and width of a twin bed. Except it’s thinner that that. Designer Beata Henrichs-Lieb calls her creation a “Throwbed,” since it’s so lightweight that it can be rolled up and stuffed into a matching carrying case with a shoulder strap.

Throwbeds ($350) have removable covers in all-natural fabrics with an antique French look: mattress tickingneutrals, even shimmery pale linen. Our favorite is a wide-striped edition that epitomizes preppy chic.

Hedgehouse’s Thowbeds are super-versatile, useful not just for sleepovers but also for posh beach or deck lounging, camping--or, with a matching cushion ($70), as an everyday drape for an armchair or couch to add more cushiony comfort. 

Thanks to Hedgehouse, we have a pretty and soft place to make guests happy--but not so happy that they’ll be tempted to move in. 

Available at Garde, 7418 Beverly Blvd.; 323-424-4667 or

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