Transmission LA: AV Club
Pinwheels from artist duo Jim Drain and Ara Peterson

This Thursday, MOCA's downtown location is throwing a raging house party. It's the opening night of “Transmission LA: AV Club,” curated by Mike D, a multidisciplinary festival of music, art and food.

Curator Mike Diamond (of the hip-hop group the Beastie Boys) promises to inject the event with the anarchic entertainment value we’ve loved since 1994’s Spike Jonze-directed “Sabotage” video. The double-entendre name “AV Club” says it all: The festival is avant-garde and will encompass both audio and visual talent.

DJs and musicians perform every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night during the fest’s 17-day run. High-energy songstress Santigold goes on at 9 p.m. Thursday; electronic music artist Diplo, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf and more are among the other acts.

Visual installations include giant rainbow pinwheels from Jim Drain and Ara Peterson, a contribution from buzzed-about filmmaker Mike Mills and work by Sage Vaughn, the beloved Angeleno painter of superhero-costumed children.

Perhaps the biggest surprise talent is Kogi BBQ chef Roy Choi, who’ll feed the hungry in a makeshift mess hall Thursday through Saturday. (Then again, the L.A. Times did call him a “sort of post-Abstract Expressionist food artist.”)

Good music, art and food--it’s like a mixtape that’s sure to become a hit.

MOCA Geffen Contemporary, 152 N. Central Ave.; 213-626-6222 or

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