The lakefront path is practically your second home, you?re freshly hooked on a new class at the Dailey Method and the only thing you want to eat (make that drink) in this heat is a local organic juice cleanse.

It?s officially your summer of health, and now?s the time to add an important component to the plan: natural vitamins and supplements from online retailer Pure Matters.

Pure Matters is the go-to source for preservative- and additive-free supplements that are formulated to address women?s health issues when it comes to everything from bone and heart health to weight loss, energy and skin care.

To help get you started on an easy regimen that makes sense with your goals and current routine, Pure Matters is offering PureWow Chicago readers an exclusive way to try five of its must-have products at a great price this week.

For the next five days, order full-size bottles of Pure Matters? Lutein (for vision health), Resveratrol Boost (for healthy hearts and blood sugar control), Vitamin D3 (great for cardiovascular and bone health), Biotin (for healthy hair, nails and skin) and Iron (necessary for hemoglobin formation and oxygen transfer) for just $5 each.

Everyone?s diet could use a boost in some area, and at this price, you can?t afford not to feel better than ever.

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