Golden Delicious
A cocktail a day keeps the holiday crazies away.

Our approach to holiday imbibing has evolved since our early days as postcollegiate city dwellers. (Lesson one: No shots. Especially with coworkers. Ever.)

Now we’d rather wake up looking bright-eyed and dewy-skinned like wellness coach Heather Crosby, the creator of the clean-eating website Yum Universe and a newly minted cookbook author.

Crosby’s just-released tome is packed with flavorful plant-based recipes, and while the produce department is her true love, she’s not averse to mixing things up with a little booze here and there.

Crosby created this kicky apple cider cocktail just for us. It’s a simple, fragrant drink to serve your holiday guests this season--and should the company demand, it’s just as easy to do as a mocktail version.

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