By now, you?ve had enough bizarro nightmares to want to learn more about the science of sleep. (Seriously, what the heck is going on up there, brain?)

And while you?d love to sink your teeth into David K. Randall?s Dreamland to shed some light on the matter, it?s somehow always six books down in your must-read stack.

Blinkist gets it.

Like CliffsNotes for the non-high-school set, the new subscription service takes popular nonfiction titles (think The Omnivore?s Dilemma, David and Goliath and The Pomodoro Technique) and condenses their most essential concepts into sharply written, accessible summaries you can read in less than 15 minutes.

While these ?blinks? are obviously no substitute for reading actual books, if you have a curious mind and a crazy schedule, the service is kind of awesome. (Mobile optimization makes for ideal reading on your commute, grocery-line wait, etc.)

In other words, rather than trolling your Instagram feed for the umpteenth time, why not feed your brain some nuggets of scholarly wisdom?

Your dreams (and, you know, the world at large) just might start to make a bit more sense.

(Subscriptions from $4.17/month)

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