No Brainers

A fun party food and tricks for hulling strawberries and peeling garlic. 

How to roll your sleeves, a trick for ironing collars and preventing summer sweat stains. 

A great-for-you spice, an awesome activewear collab and stress-fighting sushi. 

A cute accessory, coffee that tastes like beer and a summer skincare trick. 

Softening butter, no-flip roasting and a zipper trick. 

Mother's Day gifts, cookie straws and getting songs out of your head. 

A nail trick, DIY matcha and alleviating soreness. 

Fighting frizz, reviving bread and eating ice cream. 

Safer cookie dough, a stain-removing trick and new eps of a favorite series. 

A new way to watch TV, a trick for dewier skin and keeping brown sugar soft. 

Glasses you'll never lose, longer-lasting tomatoes and a salad dressing swap. 

Wireless charging, better home shopping and a breakfast trick. 

Long-lasting cakes, an eyeliner hack and a new way to send photos 

A new condiment, a chic app and a natural cleaning solution. 

Clean faces, coconut milk and an incentive to break out the old skillet