No Brainers

Fighting frizz, reviving bread and eating ice cream. 

Safer cookie dough, a stain-removing trick and new eps of a favorite series. 

A new way to watch TV, a trick for dewier skin and keeping brown sugar soft. 

Glasses you'll never lose, longer-lasting tomatoes and a salad dressing swap. 

Wireless charging, better home shopping and a breakfast trick. 

Long-lasting cakes, an eyeliner hack and a new way to send photos 

A new condiment, a chic app and a natural cleaning solution. 

Clean faces, coconut milk and an incentive to break out the old skillet 

What your favorite Oscar nom says about you, a great new show and a quick and easy stain fighter.

A cheese pairing tool, healthy lips and a must-follow Instagram handle

A clothing line with a mission, a clever hair trick and a time saving winter hack. 

Better bagels, water cooler convos and a brilliant kitchen trick

An invisible boyfriend, a new kind of Oreos and Target's newest collection. 

A PureWow advice column, an all-natural moisturizer and elevated ice cream sandwiches 

The Golden Globes, yoga made funny and a spicy snack.